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I guess I am little confused about the whole “experience” issue in the 2008 Presidential Election. Neither Obama nor McCain has any experience as President of the United States. Only 4 men on earth do and none of them can run again. Both lack any executive level experience that would be arguably close to being the “in fact” Commander-In-Chief.

So what exactly does “experience” mean when you have never had a job like the one you are seeking? Perhaps it should mean the candidate’s “track record”.

If so, McCain’s track record – aside from his admirable service and suffering for our country – is one of modest success, stubbornness and reversing his positions. As is well known, he’s alienated his own party on many occasions – most notably on immigration. This must mean he is uncompromising in his ideals. Yet somehow he’s cast as a compromiser, a contradiction, no? More recently he has sacrificed his ideals – on taxes for instance – to appeal to his party’s base of voters. Moreover, he’s demonstrated an explosive personality who angers quickly. And he is apparently forgetful of certain facts; not knowing how many houses he actually owns being a rather embarrassing example.

On the other hand, Obama has loads of “hands on” working experience in Chicago, Springfield and now Washington. He’s a fierce competitor who started with nothing. He worked his way up the Chicago/Illinois political ladder with no family relations paving the way. He won a hard fought election against the ultra competitive no punch pulling conservative Alan Keyes. He’s served in the Senate admirably, while admittedly being away at times to campaign for the presidency.

He pulled off an unthinkable victory by beating the unbeatable Hillary Clinton who had the help party insiders and a certain political Merlin named Bill. His record is that he’s a winner – hands down. He hasn’t run a large corporation or an army; neither has John McCain. But, he does have a flawless record of success and growth in everything he has done since becoming an adult.

He’s got what anyone in the Human Relations Department would call Transferable Skills. He may not have run the country – yet – but he has the skills to do it.

Barack Obama is a grand orator with the substance, intellect, temperament and leadership skill to be President. On these measures he has more “experience” that Mr. McCain.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

Art Rummler

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