Technicolor India

What a wild, trippy place. I am pulling together some coherent thoughts and am about halfway through a long post but I ran out of steam. I will get it up tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some photos.

These two dancers who loved Anna were sisters, aged
10 (right) and 18,

Hindu temple outside Jaipur.

Even the elephants are colorful.

Tribute to the many multi-armed statues.

Kids loved the snake charmers, much to mom’s horror.

That’s a baby python in Eli’s hand.

First of two elephant rides.

Markus Belete

I hope this doesn’t end up in a McCain ad.

Amber fort, outside of Jaipur.

The architecture and design elements you come across
in temples, palaces, forts are really quite stunning. Stuff like
this anywhere you look.


Palace guards, Jaipur.

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