Tick tock tick tock…

It has been intense and difficult. I just said good bye to Ding ayi, who was in tears. She and Anna have been so close. Really nice relationship. She has been a big part of our family.

They had a big ceremony in school today, giving each of them a picture of the entire junior school (second through sixth grade) signed by their class and friends. There were a lot of kids. I hear that a total of 50 are leaving Dulwich. Things are definitely going to get interesting around here.

Afterwards, I wanted to take pictures of the boys and their buddies. Jacob’s friend Kerk was sobbing uncontrollably. He lives across the street and he and Jacob have an extraordinary relationship, constantly in and out of one another’s houses. I know how much Jacob would miss Kerk and that is how much Kerk will miss Jacob. It’s tough to replace that kind of friendship. Those two are so cute together, totally in sync.

Jacob and his friend Edward, who is also leaving, looked bewildered and lost.

Eli is finally understanding what he is leaving and he was sobbing at bedtime last night. Now he is talking about coming back for a visit. We may try for April break. it is highly recommended if feasible.

I am glad he is feeling the complexity a bit. He has been so gung ho about leaving. I feared he was really idealizing the U.s. and overlooking what he was giving up. I think it is healthy for him to be more well rounded. The rest of us have been processing this for months.

Anna asked again yesterday why mommy has to move. But she will be fine quickly. She is amazingly resilient happy and social.

I am very glad we are going on vacation on our way back.. that is seeming smarter by the day. Giant decompression chamber.

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