NJ photos…

Eli shows what he feels about his Dulwich uniform… he did this little toilet dip after skipping around the house singing, “No one can ever tell me what to wear again!”

Other pics show my first trip to Costco.. back in the saddle, baby….and our luggage being “unpacked” right after our return. That was just the stuff we dragged around the world with us.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hi, Alan! It’s nice to see you’ve just updated your blog.
    Actually I am a Chinese journalist now in New York. I am very interested in your life and stories spent in China. I wonder if it is possible for me have an interview with you. just have a chat on that topic.
    my email address is stingting@gmail.com. Look forward to your reply. Thanks and have a nice day!
    (btw, my name is Ting)


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