Obama’s speech

My first thoughts: his enthusiasm is refreshing, his optimism what we need right now. Just seeing him standing there with Biden and Pelosi sitting behind him is a bit surreal and rather wonderful after years of seeing W swagger mindlessly with Cheney scowling behind him and Hastert sitting there wondering how long it was until he could get to that bratwurst. We wasted eight years, falling behind the world.

As the speech goes on, it feels more and more epic to me. These are frightening and uncertain times but at least the adults are in charge now. When W took power that was supposed to be the case but they turned out to be the most immature, adolescent bunch of yahoos you could imagine.

I think Obama needs to plow forward with politeness towards the opposition but o deference. If they want to cast their lot as being obstructionist, let them do it and let the voter sort it out.

I just think that was a monumental speech, rising to the occasion of what we the people need right now. I just wish he didn’t end with “God bless the United Sates of america.” I hate that that has become de facto conclusion to all speeches now. It always struck me as a very presumptuous request.

I would have liked to hear him mention that at least we didn’t go along with Repub plan to privatize Social Security — so that everyone’s SS accounts would now look like their shrunken 401ks.

Bobby Jindal’s response is just bizarre and stilted. It is not going to sway anyone. The best thing to me about Obama is he does not talk to us like we are nation of stupid 10 year olds — which is exactly what Jindal did. He sounded like the high school debate team captain talking to the kindergarten class.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I think you should stick to ex patriot issues rather then politics. Also, if you read a little more of your employer – WSJ – than the NYT you might be better informed about the POTUS.

    Obama is a fantastic speaker but his policies will harm more than those he helps. Get ready for your dead beat neighbors to get breaks on their mortgages and hard working small business people like myself who will have to pay more taxes and lay employees off.

    Look at some of his people surrounding him: Freeman – National INtelligence Committee Chair – he is very pro China government and supported the government during the Tienaman(sp) square massacre and also bashes Isreal whenever he gets a chance. Then there is Geitner who willingly evaded his taxes and was given preferential treatment when he finally paid them. Try making an honest mistake with the IRS and see if they waive the penalties. Not! If you pay a lot of taxes already and are going to pay more, do you want a tax evader telling you to pay more taxes?

    And the promise of no earmarks is no longer going to happen – close to 9000 in the budget! Just get rid of the earmarks and use it to fund healthcare.

    Obama is just a politician – he may turn out good or he may turn our like Jimmy Carter. To put him on a high plane like all the press does is dangerous. In fact, your nemesis W had a higher approval rating during this period of time in office. Obama has got this level by falling popularity in the poles.

  2. Jim F.
    Jim F. says:

    I agree 100% with Anonymous. While I enjoyed Alan's posts from China & even referred others to them, I think he's got a lot to learn about being an American. America is a diverse place, you don't need to move beyond the borders to find that & is something Alan's children might benefit from learning.

  3. alanpaul
    alanpaul says:

    Jim, I’m not sure what you are referring to. Who says we don’t know America is diverse?

    I don’t really understand the whole gist of your point.

    This blog is essentially a private blog in the sense that I write things I am thinking and feeling. I do not give them the same careful read and thought that I do a column.

    I have not even re-read the original post. I’m sure if I did I would balk at some things I wrote but I stand by the general principle’s expounded: We are in a perilous time and it was very exciting to hear a leader address that and speak with coherent thoughts.

    Everything Bush did was run through the political wing (Rove) and that created a constant state of culture war and divisiveness that was not helpful.


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