Some favorite old China pictures

I am going through a lot of old photos from China for a video project Iam preparing and just thought I would share some of my favorites, in afairly random process made more random by the fact that they havetitles like "10435.jpeg" and I am guessing.But…

Website is updated

I did some pretty significant on the homepage today. Let me know what you think.

Facebook Fan Page

Thank you to everyone who has "liked" my Facebook Fan Page, set up to get ready for the release of Big In China. If you have not done so, please click the handy button on the right hand side of this page and get busy. Thanks.

It’s a book

A couple of weeks ago I got word that bound galleys were in and went into Harper Collins to tag a few and write notes to send some friends who may be able to help with coverage and people I have asked to write blurbs. Stupid me, I didn’t quite…

Thanks for checking in

I tried to move off this blog and onto some other places, but you all kept coming here and Google kept steering you here, so I am going with it.Thanks for checking in and your interest in what I do. I'm really happy to have you here.Please click…