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The blurbs are coming!

I have gotten some great endorsement blurbs in for Big In China. I approached some of my favorite musicians and writers and asked them to read the book and comment if they like it. I have been very gratified to get back really kind, thoughtful…

New Woodie Alan video

I am finding a couple of stashes of well-shot Woodie Alan videos. This is from our one-off reunion gig at the Orchard, Beijing, last February when I was in town to finish up some interviews and research for Big In China. No rehearsals. No talk.…

Please visit www.alanpaul.net

Just a reminder that while I continue to do some blogging here, my main site is now www.alanpaul.net.That is the main source of information regarding my book release, speaking appearances, etc.Thanks for your interest.


Jacob and Gabe circa 2003, age 5 or so. Jacob and Gabe Friday night. 12/3/2010Gabriel Benson had his bar mitzvah yesterday. He and Jacob have been best of friends since they were six months old and being cared for at the South Mountain YMCA…

Official book launch reading Tribeca B&N March 1, 2011

Ihave an official book launch reading and signing at NYC Tribeca Barnesand Noble on March 1. If you're in the area, mark your calendar. A lotmore events to follow soon.Click here to see the listing.

Great China photos

We watched the CCTV tower go up and viewed it in more or less this form many, many times.I am working on a promo video for the book and Ryan Pyle, a great Shanghai-based phtographer I have had the pleasure of working with a few times was kind…