Game of Thrones and the real Royal Family

I’ve been enjoying HBO’s Game of Thrones quite a bit.Rob sheffield at Rolling Stone explains it pretty simply here: Beheadings and breasts are a tough combination to beat.

IN the wake of the Royal Wedding, Dr. Science has a great post comparing the real royal family to the Game of Thrones bunch. This is pretty priceless and certainly true:When only a few people are clean and wear nice clothes, always get enough to eat and never have to go without sleep or warmth, they *will* look comparatively gorgeous, and they are likely to be — or seem to be — stronger, smarter, and taller than the ordinary run of folk.But when most people are reasonably well-nourished and -housed, with good medical care and a chance at education, the apparent genetic component of Royal Blood just fades away. In fact, speaking as a geneticist, Prince William is marrying *up* by choosing a good-looking, healthy young woman with a reasonable brain in her head.

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