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Big in China Excerpt: Into the Great Wide Open. Guizhou, China with Kids

—This post is adapted from Chapter 8 of Big In China: My Unlikely Adventures Raising A Family, Playing The Blues and Becoming A Star in China (Harper). Click here to buy. Copyright 2011 by Alan Paul.   There are countless motivations for…

Warren Haynes on NPR

Here's a well-deserved, lengthy and insightful, interview with Warren on NPR's Weekend Edition.Man in Motion is a very strong album and I'm looking forward to seeing the new band at the Beacon this week.

Big in China = recommended reading

The ProActiveDads blog has added Big in China to its list of recommended dad books. Full review to come on Monday. Thanks, guys.

Torture did not lead us to OSL

No doubt, Andrew Sullivan of The Daily Dish can be a bit of a blowhard and I sometimes vehemently disagree with him. But I also think he's a great writer filled with passion, and who expresses himself clearly and eloquently. so when I agree…

Pete Hamill on OSL, 9/11, the WSJ and more...

There's a really interesting interview with journalist and author Pete Hamill on the, which I highly recommend. Among other things, he talks at length about 9/11 and his reporting of it, why the death of Osama Bin Laden can't…
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Ah, the good old days - Jet Lag division

And here's one for old time's sake. Since Big In China came out - and really since we moved to China, way back in 2005 - people have asked about the travel with the kids and how we dealt with jet lag. I even have a chapter in the book that at…

Making dumplings

Learning to make dumplings with the great Hou Ayi in Beijing. I get hungry and sentimental watching this. I'm glad that more people are picking up on the passion for food displayed throughout Big in China. It was certainly a big part of my experience…
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Warren Haynes on Man in Motion - and Big In China

  Warren Haynes has probably been my most frequent writing subject. I have interviewed him more times for Guitar World than I could possibly count. The first time was in 1989 when he was a new member of the Allman Brothers Band. I was…

Big In China about the Book Video

It just seemed like time to repost this video.I need another push here. If you have not purchased or checked out Big in China on Amazon yet, please click on over. Thanks.