I’m now an “Emotional Pro”

Big in China is a wonderful heart-warming, uplifting book.”
– Ilene Dillon, Emotional Pro Radio.

I did an hour-long interview with Ms. Dillon yesterday and thought it went really well. You can hear it here.

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  1. Thy Nguyen
    Thy Nguyen says:

    Heard your online interview with iIlene Dillon and I pop over to see the website. Love the quote you said as well from BB king.

    Thanks for doing it and really enjoyed it!

    Love Thy

    • AlanPaul
      AlanPaul says:

      Thank you very much Thy. Give th ebook a read and let me know if you have any questions. I said that BB King line to myself over and over during my time in China: “You better not look down if you want to keep on flying.”


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