Jacob’s quest for a women’s jersey becomes a WSJ front-page story

Well, it can help to have a mother who is a Deputy Managing Editor at the Wall Street Journal.

Remember Jacob’s letter about the women’s jerseys? . Well, it became this front-page WSJ story after Rebecca went in to work and started discussing it with some of the sports folks and everyone quickly realized that he was not alone in his frustrations.

He was a bit taken aback at first that his “idea was ripped off” but we stressed to him the power of an idea and explained how this had now become a featured story in the world’s largest newspaper instead of a lonely one-boy crusade. He thought he should be quoted at first, but I explained that it was lame for the son of an editor to be in a story and he understood and is pleased that this reached a larger audience… As for the result yesterday, well of course we were all disappointed. The floor in front of our TV may have a permanent dent from jacob’s relentless pacing and jumping up and down.

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