Nice, thoughtful Big in China piece on the Global Asianista blog

I don’t think I ever paid proper tribute to this nice, thoughtful feature on the Global Asianista blog, so I thought I’d so now. Thanks.

“… I found Alan Paul’s tale of expatriate family life in Beijing so refreshingly defiant. Paul’s adventures in China are manifold, but what really resounded was his simple challenge to his readers: who says China and America can’t interlock in an embrace of brotherly love?

The notion this stirring message raises even the slightest provocation, or that Paul actually takes great care to humanize the Chinese individuals he meets on his journey are bold gestures that rarely make headlines today. But Paul, unlike some of his more insular compatriots takes the path less traveled, and his stories illustrate they made all the difference: Paul was rewarded beyond measure because he leaves himself open to the possibility, and not the threat of China. For the rest of us trying to make sense of this world, it’s a solid piece of good advice.”

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