“Little Wing” at the Hi-Dive with Mark Karan and Joe Bissell


Photo by John Chapman

I am so late posting clips from the fantastic party performance at the San Francisco Big in China launch party. It was a great, great night. I was joined by the great mark Karan of Ratdog and The Other Ones on lead guitar, Norm Bradford on bass and Chuck on drums. The latter two are fromt he Fickle HIllbillies, Arcata, CA’s finest.

I was very happy to have some great Beijing friends there, the Bissell family, who have relocated to San Fran. Joe Bissell, who played with Woodie Alan at our very first gig as a 16-year-old guitar-slinging hotshot was there, and he came up and sang “Little Wing.” My little boy is all grown up – now a sophomore at Berklee School of Music. Enjoy. I will try to get more up here soon.

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