Marvin Gaye sings the greatest, most outrageous National Anthem ever

I happened to see some lame sitcom star sing the most flat, un-emotional, boring National Anthem you can imagine before the World Series the other night and it got me thinking about the greatest National Anthem ever and the one that was most appropriate to its event – the NBA All Star Game. I think reworking the national Anthem is an outrageous move, and if you are going to take it this far out, you better nail it, which, of course was no problem for Brother Marvin, probably my favorite singer ever. Jacob was wowed by this. Then I had to tell him that he was killed by his father and try to explain the unexplainable. (The lame singer was Zooey Deschanel – and I’m not ashamed to admit I had to search that fact just now.)

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  1. Deacon
    Deacon says:

    I have to say- my favorite of all time is Hornsby and Marsalis at WS in Cleveland. But your phrase “most appropriate to the event” got me thinking. Jimi’s SSB is probably over-revered at this point as a bandwagon cultural moment for everyone who wasn’t there, but perhaps it is the most effective use of the Banner ever. Not sure- but it is interesting to think about. I’m fairly resolved, though, that Jimi’s was the most culturally, generationally-impactful in the history of pop culture. Peace!

  2. AlanPaul
    AlanPaul says:

    Absolutely agree. I don’t have much interest in listening to Jimi’s SSB but put in context, it’s remarkable. Marvin’s just kills me, though I could listen tot his over and over. and I do.


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