Are pink ribbons evil?

The headline above is intentionally confrontational and I don’t really  think pink ribbons are evil. I believe there has almost certainly been at least one very positive outcome from all of this, which is that women going through chemo or other treatments feel more comfortable not having to hide any of it.

But I have always found the pinking of the month of October to be rather absurd, particularly when it comes to the NFL, clearly a move by the League to appeal to women without a whole lot of meaning. How many women have gone to get mammographs because they saw James Harrison wearing pink gloves? I’ve kept my mouth shut about this, because who wants to be against being against breast cancer? Not me.

But this week’s rather absurd Komen/Planned Parenthood split and Komen’s awful attempt at spinning it, constantly changing stories, blatantly lying and eventually reversing course has to make any thinking person question everything about the organization. And then I saw the movie trailer on Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish. I need to see it and know more before having a fully formed opinion, but it is certainly food for thought. So feast away.

ADDENDUM: I just saw this positive though somewhat skeptical review of the film in the Toronto Globe & Mail.


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