Awesome interview with 15 y.o. Derek Trucks at the Big House

Derek and Dickey – photo by Rick Diamond

My old buddy E.J. Devokaitis interviewed 15-year-old Derek Trucks in Duane Allman’s bedroom at the Big House for Public Access TV in 1995. The last seven minutes feature the Derek Trucks Band circa 1995. EJ posted this now in spite of some embarassment. I think he has nothing to feel bad about. This is awesome all the way around, including the guest appearances by Kirk West in most of the ads. I’m so glad I made it to Macon during this fun era.

The Big House was the private residence of Kirk and his lovely wife Kirsten at the time. Rebecca and I visited them there in 1993. EJ was living  at the BH and I think it was the first time we met. Below the interview, please see a pretty classic photo of my lovely wife and I belting it out at Gregg’s Hammond B3. Good times.

I spent a lot of time at the Big House, which is now an official Museum, and in the archives there while researching One Way Out: The Inside History of the Allman Brothers Band. E.J., then the curator and director, was a tremendous help.

Lovely wife and I on Gregg Allman’s Hammond B3, Big House, Macon, GA, 1993. FOTO by Kirk West.

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