Are the Allman Brothers ending this year or not?

Butch, Galadrielle and Gregg at Wanee.

I’m getting a lot of emails and other inquiries about whether or not the Allman Brothers will really stop touring after this year.

Articles like this one in Ultimate Classic Rock spur the issue along.

Of course, that article was based around Gregg telling an interviewer for Radio magazine that it was just a “rumor” that the band would stop after this year. Never mind that the rumor came from what Gregg himself told Relix magazine. He repeated the “rumor” statement at Wanee during his appearance with his niece Galadrielle, pictured to the left and captured in the clip at the bottom of this page.

Gregg was feeling good and was as animated as I’ve seen him. Of course, an hour or two later he broke his left wrist in a golf cart accident… all of which just goes to show: who knows what will happen. We’re just going to have to left the next few months play out.

Butch and Jaimoe at the Beacon, 2014. Photo by Derek McCabe.

I thought that Butch and Jaimoe played better and better at the Beacon shows, and were absolutely in sync and on fire over the last weekend, during the two Gregg-less shows. So I understand them not wanting to walk away and why it would be so difficult to do so; who amongst us would want to give up a partnership that works so well and pays so well? But if the three guys who will make the decision – Butch, Jaimoe and Gregg – opt to push on without Derek or Warren, it’s not clear how they would do so.

My standard answer to the question is that while I am certain that there is no plan in place, everything I have learned through 25 years of watching and covering this band and writing One Way Out: The Inside History of the Allman Brothers Band tells me that it would be a mistake to ever rule the band out or assume they are over. They have come back too many times after being presumed over. We’ll all just have to wait and see what happens. For now, I’m just looking forward to Mountain Jam and hoping that the show comes off as planned.

Warren Haynes on why he is leaving the Allman Brothers after this year.

Derek Trucks on why he is leaving the Allman Brothers after this year. 

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  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    Because I am not on facebook I am going to comment here Alan. First you are giving them a free pass for the shameful way they are handling the Beacon situation. Yes they are not responsible for people who bought on the secondary market but they are fully aware that thousands and thousands of dollars of people’s money is in limbo because they can’t be bothered to make a more coherent announcement on this situation. It is disgraceful that they have allowed this to linger with no comments on what the plans are.

    No matter how well they played at the Beacon, the schedule called for 14 shows and the originals were capable of playing 7 of them. So shrugging our shoulders and saying this is how they have always done things is not a very good answer. You are in a unique position to call them out on some of this but you seem to be willing to give them a pass on this.

    Derek, Warren and Oteil have served this band with great honor but even they are going to be sullied if they are a party to a situation that allows fans to be misled and taken advantage of. Butch never making good on Moogis refunds was bad enough. I have loved this band for 45 years but they need to let the brand name go and if they want to play shows with the core 3 next year they should figure out a different approach.

    • AlanPaul
      AlanPaul says:


      This is definitely a good place for you to share your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by.

      I’m not giving anyone a free pass. I’m observing what’s going on and trying to report on it for a final chapter in the paperback edition of my book.

      I don’t really have any power to affect change, but I hear your passion and frustration and am sure others share it. I have been surprised by a relative lack of anger about the lack of information but not the cancellations. I can;t really see how you can be mad about that.

  2. Michael
    Michael says:

    Hi Alan,
    I am not angry about the cancellations but frustrated is the proper word to describe how they are handling the Beacon situation. These issues though do play a role in a discussion of what happens post Derek, Warren and Oteil. To discuss in any real depth what they might do next year when they have thus far been unable to complete their obligations for this year seems foolhardy. There are some things about the Gregg situation that seem questionable but I don’t believe in rumor mongering when I don’t have factual basis for any feelings I might have.

    It seems to me that Derek and Warren have chosen a path that they believes honors the Allman legacy and is an attempt to protect it. In both your and Galadrielle’s book there is of course the powerful spirit of Duane hanging over things. Do you think in some way especially with her book that maybe even without actually thinking about it the originals are afraid to let this go as in some way they feel they keep Duane alive by playing under the brand name? I know that question is probably odd but I think you will understand what I am getting at.

    I absolutely loved your book!


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