Duane Betts New EP, available now

Big congrats to my friend Duane Betts on the release of his debut EP  Sketches of American Music. You can buy it from Amazon here, or stream it on Spotify here

The collection features five original tunes with echoes of country and blues lacing the roots rock. Great stuff. Proud of Duane. We’ve been buddies since he was about 15 hanging out sidestage at some Allman Brothers Beacon show. I used to give him pep talks after he sat in with the ABB. He’d do great and then feel bad that he “could play better.” A teenager standing on the Beacon stage playing with the fuckin’ Allman Brothers, staring down one of the most intimidating guitar legends ever. Who was his father! I tried to make him realize how proud he should feel.

We’ve stayed in touch most of these years, though ups and downs, through him touring for years with Dickey Betts and Great Southern, through his excellent stint with Dawes, guest appearances with others, through working with Jamtown. And most recently through his collaboration with Devon Allman. I’m proud of Duane and I’m happy for him and I invite you to enjoy his music and throw your support behind him. 

Stoll Vaughan, Steve Cropper and and Marc Ford all helped with the songwriting.