Photo - Marc Millman

Photo – Marc Millman

In honor of the one year anniversary of Gregg Allman’s death… A couple of years ago, someone asked me to share a story about him that I had never told before, which got me thinking about this. Felt like a good time to share again. REST IN PEACE GREGG. You are horribly missed.

In 1997, I interviewed Gregg at 2 am in his Chicago hotel room after he played a solo gig at the Hard Rock Cafe – Jack Pearson was in the band. His wife Stacy and their two dogs were asleep behind us. It was a cover story for Guitar World Acoustic and I had brought an axe for him to demonstrate his finger-picked riff for “Come & Go Blues.” I handed it to him at the end of the interview, which had gone exceedingly well. It was the most relaxed, open conversation we ever had, by a long shot, which set the table for what came next.

He asked for a quarter and rounded off a couple of string ends. “You trying to take my eye?” he said with a laugh. Then he re-tuned the guitar, took out a pouch with fingerpicks, which he put on and showed me the riff.

Then he kept going and he played and sang all of “Come & Go Blues.” Audience of 1. It sounded just like you hear below. 

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  1. Rich Cibelli
    Rich Cibelli says:

    Thank you for sharing your memories. Like you, this day will always remain special in my musical world. God Bless Gregg Allman.

  2. Jim Dorman
    Jim Dorman says:

    Great story Alan! Melanie played a song just for me once, but this? I just can’t imagine. If Gregg had been more of a solo acoustic artist, I think we there would be more notice
    for his guitar playing. That was so good.


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