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More about school…

More about the schools. As many of you know, my sister Laura lived in London for a few years and experienced real British schools. There, her kids were deemed too young for WE kits and did gym class in their skivvies. Honestly. Here, there is apparently no such thing as too young. Even Anna has […]

Another NOLA katrina rant

Here’s an interesting link about how budget cuts in recent years left the levees unimproved and contributed at least somewhat to this disaster. The money had to be diverted to fight the war on terror. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20050901/pl_nm/weather_katrina_funding_dc How is it possible that in the United States of America people don’t have a drink of water four […]

My TMac story, NOLA RIP and more on the kids’ school

My day spent roaming around Beijing with Tracy McGrady is recounted here: http://slamonline.com/links/08292005/ I just wrote a long entry and lost it to computer whimsy, which is quite depressing. I just want to reiterate how sad I am to see the destruction of New Orleans, one of my favorite cities in the world. It is […]

a photo on slamonline.com

check it out… http://slamonline.com/links/08292005/ My report will be up there by Weds. afternoon, I think. (Your time.) It is Weds. evening here now and I am finishing up my Tmac report to send it in. The devastation in New Orleans is astounding and depressing. strange to watch it on CNN over here and feel so […]

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Hanging with Tmac

Good god I’m tired today. Trekked all over Beijing with Tracy McGrady and a bunch of Adidas reps yesterday. It was alot of fun and quite interesting. I’ll throw a few pictures up here. To get the rest of the details, you’ll have to wait until I write it all up. it will be posted […]