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The Allman Brothers Band's final show - 5 years ago last night!

Five years ago today, the Allman Brothers Band played their final show at the Beacon Theatre. You can order a CD of the final show right here. FIVE F'IN YEARS?? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I covered the…
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RIP Robert Hunter, one of the all-time great songwriters

Eyes of the World: An interview with Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter So very, very sad to hear that Robert Hunter has passed away. To honor the man, I present my 2015 (?) interview. An edited version ran on WSJ.com as part of a preview…

Still Crazy After All These Years

David Kann paid a visit to Maple Mountain a week or two ago and sent along these pictures. As you can see, Dixie is feeling pretty fine. We should all look so good at 70 in the midst of chemo. I think I need another haircut.

Jungle pics

After almost a week at the beach, we headed about two hours north to the Khao Sok National Park. We went there with an eco tourist outfit called Siam Safari (www.siamsafari.com) who picked us up and drove us there. We stayed in…

Thailand Pictures

I will write up a full report on this trip sooner or later... but let's start with photos. We spent almost a week at the Katathani Beach Resort on the Southwest edge of Phuket, which is a surprisingly large island (we were about 45…
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Eli Pictures from School Chinese New Years celebration

src="http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/1598/1258/320/100_1487.jpg" border="0" alt="" /> These kids were co cute. that is eli and claire Moy, his "love" on the bottom.

Dixie is doing fine

So many people have written, called, emailed, asking about my dad. Thanks for asking. He is doing fine, handling chemo far better than most seem to. He just took a week off his regime because he wanted to be strong for two gigs, including…

Thanks for the feedback

...those who have offered it. To be clear, if I decide to use this for a column, it would be about half as long and not so much about the people I know. Dixie writes, Now that you know promoters and a really bad band can do it,how about…

Eli and Jackson sitting in a tree...

It was really wonderful how we all reconnected with ease to so many people on our trip. It was very nice to watch the kids have so much fun with: Gabie, Nathaniel, Sam and Eli G, Jackson, the Meras, Jack and Ben Goldberg, all the Profacis,…

Color photo of Dixie

Got it squared away. Here is a better image of bald Dixie Doc.By the way, I have had some inquires into why we call my dad Dixie. Click here for more info.