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Warren Haynes on Man in Motion – and Big In China

  Warren Haynes has probably been my most frequent writing subject. I have interviewed him more times for Guitar World than I could possibly count. The first time was in 1989 when he was a new member of the Allman Brothers Band. I was…
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Duane Allman’s long-lost 57 Les Paul found – and Duane live!

Gregg Allman on Big in China,: "What a romp. After writing about music for years, Alan Paul walked the walk, preaching the blues in China. Anyone who doubts that music is bigger than words needs to read this great tale.”Anyone who has read…

Happy Earth Day

The great blues pianist Memphis slim and his great song "Mother Earth." Some of you may know via Gov't Mule's thunderous take.
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From the Archives: 10 Best Southern Rock Albums

From deep in the Guitar World and Alan Paul archives, my list of 10 Essential Southern Rock Albums. Note that it was written in about 1998.  I would do some things differently -including using Eat A Peach instead of the box set for the…
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From the archives: The Making of Layla

I am happy to pull from the archives this behind-the-scenes story about the making of Layla, an undisputed rock and roll masterpiece. Originally written for Guitar World some time between 1996-98 for the Producers column. Tom Dowd was…
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The blurbs are coming!

I have gotten some great endorsement blurbs in for Big In China. I approached some of my favorite musicians and writers and asked them to read the book and comment if they like it. I have been very gratified to get back really kind, thoughtful…

Guitar World Allman Brothers Cover

Coming soon to a newsstand or store near you.. this baby took up my month of March. I don't have a copy yet and am anxious to see it. It feels good to see this. You wouldn't believe what I went through to make this photo shoot and everything…

Wilson Pickett, R.I.P.

One of my favorite singers, "Wicked" Wilson Pickett died yesterday. He sang “Mustang Sally,” “In the Midnight Hour” and many more. It’s also worth digging up a copy of him singing lead on the Falcons’ 1962 “I found A…