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The Circle is Unbroken - Friends of the Brothers Return to Brooklyn Bowl 10/25

We will never allow the circle to be broken. Very excited to be returning to the great Brooklyn Bowl with Friends of the Brothers on October 25.  Tickets are just $12 and presales are a big help. Click here. FOB features Peter Levin…

Tour continues...

Big In China tour continues. Appearance page updated, with Seattle, Ann Arbor others: http://tinyurl.com/6b7nyze.Please check in. come to a reading if I am coming your way. Send the info to someone else in the area if not. 

From the Archives: Me on NBC talking about Chinese hoops

I finally found the NBC basketball clip featuring me. See below.I pop up twice, at 1:22 and 2:27. I was amazed by how many people saw this. It aired at halftime of the USA/China basketball game. I was sitting there watching the game and my email…

Nice review of Big In China

There's a really nice post about Big In China on The Book Case blog. I was happy to find this. It's hard to describe how satisfying it is to read something like this and find that the book is starting to make its way to people and they are liking…

Embrace the Chaos

Paul Family arriving in Beijing. August 2005.Lots of stuff popping…or on the verge of lots of stuff popping. It's a difficult time to sit still because there are so many things I want to reach out and grab, but I need to let things play out…

I Was a Chinese Rock Star

There's a very nice new story about me, the band and my transformation in China up on the new website, Second Act. Just click away and read.The writer, Kathy Lynch, lived in Beijing -- in fact in Beijing Riviera -- for three years. she left…

Here We Go: My Steelers Essay on WSJ.com

How watching a Playoffs game in Beijing helped put my love of the Steelers into focus. Or, why the Steelers are a lot like Chinese New Years.

Where the real action is...

Just a reminder that while I'm still blogging away here, I have moved my real center of operation to www.alanpaul.net. Please click on over to stay updated on Big In China, upcoming appearances, and much more.

The reviews are coming in...

...and so far so good.Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews have both weighed in favorably.Click here to read them both.

Happy New Year

Another slideshow design by SmileboxMay the year of the Rabbit be an auspicious one for us all.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays everyone. I am gearing up some really cool stuff for the new year, including book excerpts as Big In China's release date will be drawing ever nearer.My favorite Christmas in China picture. From Jacob's 2006 Holiday show.