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The remarkable story of Allman Brothers Band's epic final show

Five years ago today, the Allman Brothers Band played their final show at the Beacon Theatre. You can order a CD of the final show right here. FIVE F'IN YEARS?? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I covered the…

Interview: Gregg Allman on Low Country Blues

It's no secret to most people reading this blog that Gregg Allman and the Allman Brothers Band have been a profound influence and source of inspiration for me. Last winter, on the heels of a liver transplant, he released Low Country Blues,…
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Duane Allman's long-lost 57 Les Paul found - and Duane live!

Gregg Allman on Big in China,: "What a romp. After writing about music for years, Alan Paul walked the walk, preaching the blues in China. Anyone who doubts that music is bigger than words needs to read this great tale.”Anyone who has read…
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From the Archives: 10 Best Southern Rock Albums

From deep in the Guitar World and Alan Paul archives, my list of 10 Essential Southern Rock Albums. Note that it was written in about 1998.  I would do some things differently -including using Eat A Peach instead of the box set for the…

Jambands.com Features Alan Paul: Kind of (Beijing) Blue

One of the ost in-depth thoughtful pieces you will read about me or Big in China, written by my protege, Brandon Findlay. Jambands.com - Need We Say More? Features Alan Paul: Kind of (Beijing) Blue
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Fromthe archives: in-depth Bob Weir interview

A lengthy 2001 interview with Bobby, when Ratdog was kicking hard. This interview appears in my Ebook, Reckoning: Conversations With the Grateful Dead, along with similarly extensive interview with Phil, Phil and Trey, Robert Hunter,…

Guitar World Allman Brothers Cover

Coming soon to a newsstand or store near you.. this baby took up my month of March. I don't have a copy yet and am anxious to see it. It feels good to see this. You wouldn't believe what I went through to make this photo shoot and everything…