A blog virgin no more

so i’ve set my blog and here we go. movers come tomorrow to start packng us up and i am somewhat delirious from all the work we’ve been doing and the feeling of inevitablity which is starting to set in… this is really happening!

it reminds me of having a kid. As soon as you find out you (or your partner) is pregnant, you understand things will never be quite the same,whether it’s first, third of tenth kid. But you also know that you have 10 months until anything actually happens, so you tuck it away and go about your life. then the day approaches and you go, “Oh my god, I’m having a baby! My life will never be the same!”

so this like that. And hopefully, as with the kids, life will only be better.

it’s been a roller coaster of emotions but lately it’s all good… getting excited.

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