One Way Out is a NY Times Instant Best Seller

by AlanPaul on March 6, 2014

Thank you everyone who helped One Way Out: The Inside History of the Allman Brothers Band become a New York Times Instant Best Seller. I am humbled and honored to announce that the book debuted in its first week tied for ninth on the Hardcover Non-Fiction List.

I thought all along that I was tapping into something bigger than most others realized, but I was not certain that I was not delusional.

My goal was nothing less than the ultimate word on the greatest band in rock history and I am deeply appreciative of the feedback that indicates I may just have pulled it off, via  reader emails and the reviews – in newspapers, magazines, blogs and by regular readers like you on Amazon and Barnes and

I wanted to share one email I received from a svery pseical reader: john Cowan, the great bassist and singer for New Grass Revival and the doobie Brothers, among many other great outfits.

I have never met John and had no previous contact with him. His manager reccomended he read One Way Out. He did so, then wrote me the following email. Hard to describe how meaningful this is to me.

John Cowan here. Well I finished it. What a triumph for you and all of us dedicated “Brother” fans. I literally read it every spare moment I had since starting it. This book is so revelatory and constructed in such a fashion that I really can’t thank you enough.

It’s just so nice to have such insight and access to the band with no bullshit axe grinding or tattle-tailing. I hope the guys in the band are pleased, they should be. Anyone of us that has made a life in the music business would be lucky to have a smart, well-”spoken”, thoughtful advocate like yourself. 

The truth is about New Grass Revival that Sam & I, especially in the ’70′s version of the band were using the Allmans as our template. We absolutely consciously were trying to do with Bluegrass what the Allmans were doing to the blues, which is put our own honest, personal, contemporary spin on the whole deal. Though it pissed a lot of people off and we never scaled the heights the Allmans did, I know I take a lot of personal satisfaction in the effort we made.

One of the things the book reminded of time and again is that we are supposed to create for the sole (soul) experience of creativity. Anything else is sometimes icing on the cake and sometimes just shit on our shoes.

Thank you again,
John C

And just so you know who John is… check this out:



Johnny Winter, Park West, Chicago, 1978. FOTO BY KIRK WEST

Six Strings Down. RIP Johnny
John Dawson Winter III, February 23, 1944 – July 16, 2014

A couple of years ago, my good friend and Guitar World colleague Andy Aledort wrote this great, harrowing piece for GW that includes some details about the albino guitarist’s 1994 brush with death. Andy knew Johnny really well, musically and personally and really goes deep in this story, which is highly recommended.

Guitar World also posted this fine obituary.

But I think that one aspect of Winter’s career that was actually a bit underplayed in all the obituaries I read and heard was his fabulous work resurrecting Muddy Waters’ career. Johnny played on and produced Muddy’s last four albums, starting with the great Hard Again. The title came about because during the sessions, Muddy apparently said something like, “This is so much fun it’s making my pee pee hard again.”

Muddy earned three Grammies for those four albums and they were the financial and commeercial highlights of his career. Johnny Winter allowed an American icon to go out on top, a feat that should not be forgotten or underestimated. ”I wanted to get him to sound the way he did in Mississippi,” Winter told the Wall Street Journal writer Marc Myers in a recent story.

The photos here are by my pal Kirk West (who was also the photo editor and chief photographer for One Way Out.)

Johnny Winter, Bob Margolin, Muddy Waters, Park West, Chicago, 1978. FOTO BY KIRK WEST



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