Sitting in a starbucks on the wireless connection. anna is sleeping next to me. all is pretty much fine.

we’ve only been here three days I think and the kids are very accepting. we are staying in this compound which is like a little slice of america and the kids love it. it is like vacation to them. kathy chen, who is becky’s deputy, lives around the corner from where we are staying and has three kids the same age and an incredible playroom. our kids have accepted them as their buddies and are very happy. eli said yesterday that he wants to “live in china for the rest of our lives.”

we also made our first foray intot he city yesterday to chaoyang park downtown, which has a big amusement area. they loved it. there is a sense there of being in a communist country. the architecture is bizarre and the place was sort of abandoned. It felt like the ruins of a civilization that never existed. And the rules for the rides were bizarre. Everything cost 10Y (about $1.20) but you had to buy spearate, specific tickets for each ride. anyhow, the kids loved it.

monday is school orientation and the next day it begins for real.

will post some photos in a nother post here.

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