Yesterday was an intro day of school and they all loved it. the place is incredibly beautiful and brand new. in front is a great rock garden and an unreal playground. jacob and eli ate that up. I took pics and will get them up here later today.

Jacob’s teacher is a tall beautiful blonde american woman. very californian and sunny and as far as you could get from a british school marm. i think we were all relieved. He has like 16 kids and two teachers in his class. Eli’s teacher is also american. She also seems very good. They have about 20 kids, with the teacher and three chiense aides, who all speak good english and seem very on the ball. anna was thrilled to go to her school and never looked back for me once we walked in there. she is going to love it. Very sweet little place.

today the kids went off on the bus. It was quite a scene at the compound at 7:40 with everyone streaming out to the front gate. all the schools leave from there. They don’t have school buses. they are regular your-style buses. jacob said, “these buses are so cool!” and ran on with great excitement. eli gave us each a big hug and soldiered right on. I promised him I would come say Hi when i brought anna in at 10:30. the two of them sat together and looked very happy. No uniforms till thursday. i will take pics then and post them.

so it all went well, especially that all of us except anna were up at 4 am. Becky actually was on the phone doing the afternoon news meeting in new york then. they ahd some big story break int he middle of th enight here. will be ont he front page tomorrow (Tuesday), which is already today here. go figure.

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