T minus 8 days

back home from our farewell tour, which was a lot of fun. Now slogging through the rest of the crap in this house. It is truly amazing what a family can accumulate and stash in a single house. Wading through the piles of stuff you have shoved into the deepest, darkest recesses of da crib is no fun at all. The final move is happening on Weds. We have to stay upright till then then we can sort of collapse for a few days before pumping ourselves up again. I think by the time we get onto the plane and the door shuts I will feel a huge sense of relief.

I feel like we’ve been saying good bye for a million years and that is getting sort of old.
It’s just a bit draining to have so many big goodbyes. Two tearful moms in just three or four days is almost too much to bear.

Our party a few weeks back was a blast. I had a vision and it came off, after looking awfully shaky thanks to inclement weather. If I can figure it out, i’ll post some pictures.

If anyone reads this, please post a comment so I know you were here. you don’t have to say much. thanks.

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