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About that Internet crackdown…

“China Tightens Its Restrictions for News Media on the Internet”

Yes, I saw this article, so you can stop emailing it to me. And no, it has not had any effect that is noticeable to me, at least not yet. I copied the headline above from the NY Times website. People have told me that during the SARS fears a while back, CNN. NY times and other sites became blocked. I’ll have to wait and see. that would be a real bummer on any number of levels.

Along the same line, to reiterate for those of you just tuning in and have asked me recently – I can not see this page, because blogspot is IP blocked here. Due to whatever quirk, I can get on the back end and edit and post, no problem. That’s communism for you, I guess. And I do see the comments, because they are emailed directly.

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