Another little story on Slamonline

.. except it’s just a version of what I posted here yesterday. Nonetheless,… http://slamonline.com/links/09052005/

Didn’t have time to finish the zoo story today because our first shipment arrived, via air… the big one comes on friday. We unpacked and put away everything with the help of our home ayi, yoo ying. very nice lady. The house looks great and very inviting. Looking forward to the move, which will come this weekend. The kids are actually going to miss their little world here. Especially Jacob, who has more of a posse of homies going than eli.

It was nice to see some of our stuff. I literally kissed my peet’s coffee, and was thrilled to see my computer and my guitar. I tuned it up and it sounded good as ever. I love that guild. Bashed out a few tunes. empty hosues have great acoustics.I think Yoo Ying was a little surprised. wonder if she knows any Dylan tunes.

I promise more pics soon.

Best reply email of the day comes courtesy of my brother, DP, who said our story of the zoo reminds him of the Amish in Philly.

And a big shoutout to young squire Jesse Paul as he prepares to become a man on Saturday after a lifetime of being The Man. We mis you, dude, and wish we could be with you. Just remember to think of us when you put on that tallis and if you get nervous, think of dixie doc in Pinsker’s Judaica store, when we bought the thing. it was everything you could imagine it would have been.

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