Here’s an interesting link about how budget cuts in recent years left the levees unimproved and contributed at least somewhat to this disaster. The money had to be diverted to fight the war on terror.

How is it possible that in the United States of America people don’t have a drink of water four days after this storm hit? Why weren’t there armadas of troops on their way there Sunday night? And is our whole nation so scared of mentioning someone’s race and socioeconomic status that no one on TV or in print can even point out that 99 percent of the folks left in NO are poor and black? Shouldn’t this be discussed a little? This stuff is driving me out of my gourd. It would be at home too but I feel especially impotent being so far away.

And how could the high gas prices not be a result of price gouging by the oil companies? If it is merely a result of increased costs for them then why are their profits/stocks at record highs? Clearly, they are profiting from the higher costs.

Just imagine if four years ago, post 9/11, we had a real leader as president and he said, “We the American people are being held hostage by a bunch of oil rich nations who hate us and our way of life. Our insatiable thirst for petroleum is funding the very people who have set out to destroy us and we must immediately begin to wean ourselves from this fatal dependency. I am imposing an additional 25 cents per gallon gas tax effective immediately.”

There would have been an uproar, but the price would still be lower than it is now, all the extra money would have gone into our coffers instead of theirs, where it can go to build midrasses preaching our destruction around the world, and by now people would have altered their habits and our consumption would be at least somewhat on the way down.

I just can’t imagine a worst scenario than facing truly trying times with this idiot and his band of selfish, myopic cronies in charge. The thing that really kills me is for so long conservatives have preached responsibility and self reliance and the very worst thing about this group is that no one takes responsibility for anything or owes up to a mistake.

I’ll leave you with one last link of insanity. The new bankruptcy law, which was explicitly designed by banks and CC companies to screw people is kicking in just in time to ream Katrina victims. Perfect

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