Cousin Danny wades into the original unwinnable "War On…"

I looked at this picture of my cousin Danny traveling the U.S./ Mexican border with a SWAT team in search of drug smuggler sand I felt two primary emotions – thrilled for Danny, because I know he loves this kind of shit; and utterly depressed at the utter and complete folly of the whole escapade. Why aren’t those muscleheads out in Afghanistan trying to bring back Osama’s head on a fuckin’ stick? How much of colossal waste of time, money and energy is this ongoing “War On Drugs?”

Rodg, if you read this, please post the info from your professor friend who has written extensive and real academic musings on this subject? It is an unwinnable “war,” and even if we somehow succeeded in stopping every twig of sensie and coco leave from entering the country, what would it really achieve? Rednecks are out buying Benedryl and cooking up crank in every little motel in Iowa an South Dakota. Apparently, that stuff fries your brain twice as fast as any opiates anyhow –and rots your teeth out, to boot. And it is made from cold medicine!

What if over the last 15 years, some of these resources had been spent tracking down the fuckers who want to destroy our civilization instead of running up and down thousands of miles of border hoping to shoot to kill some poor wetback mule? Take him down and the fat cat dealer is still sitting in his mansion on a hill somewhere down South, sipping pure Agave gold tequila, polishing his Bentley and preparing to line up another desperate sucker to wade across the Rio Grande or swallow a few condoms filled with Horse. It is madness and someday the history books will reflect this.

Cool picture, though, Dan. I hope they took the clip out of that thing before they handed it over.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Glad to see that they took out the clip (bullets). You never know when someone from the “liberal media” might go postal and start shooting up the joint!!

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Fat Al,
    Hi, I haven’t been able to respond to your blog in a while because I’ve been busy protecting my country from foriegn invaders and keeping America’s children safe. I hope you enjoyed your apple picking. A few things: 1) Yes, sadly they took the clip out of the gun before they let me hold it. 2) Although most of the people coming across the border from Mexico are either looking for a better life or just dropping off a package for your pot connection so that you and Becky can score that New Years Eve dime bag… there are some pretty bad cats trying to get in also. Some of the people we “apprehended” while I was riding around with the Border Patrol included a gang member who had been previously deported multiple times and was currently wanted for the the “rape of a mentally handicapped female juvenile”, and another guy who said he had been barred from entering te U.S. because he comes over “to rob people”. We also spoke to the mother of a Park Ranger who came upon a group of Mexican drug smugglers who had crossed into the U.S. in the National Park. When he approached them, they shot him multiple times in the head and killed him. I never really understood how out of control it is until I went down there and saw it firsthand (and I was only there for a few days). It was pretty cool having my own security detail. Those dudes (in what must be their haliburtan-issued vests and oakley wraparound sunglasses) would fan out around me if i even got out of the car to take a leak. When we went into 7-11 I was praying that it owuld be robbed… but no such luck. Damn. I’ll send you some more badass pics of me with some heavy weaponry. I had no idea that I’d end up on the big China blog. Anyway,I agree that many drugs should be legalized and that would save a couple billion $$… that isn’t the real problem down at the border, and things really are out of control. Hope you guys are doing well… can’t wait for you to come home and visit.
    Cousin Danny
    P.S. Now that you can see this site.. check out (there’s the pic of Jacob hugging the TV set in one of the early posts).
    P.P.S. Did you guys get the book I sent?


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