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No sheep penis for break fast ths year, Maplewood

Carrie W. wrote:

You, Becky and the children are invited to break fast at my house after temple on Yom Kippur.Please bring frozen sheep penis and goose blood. I made up a recipe that will go nicely w/ bagels, whitefish, etc. (sliced and marinated penis, chopped up goose blood in white vinegar,sour cream, capers, onions, sugar, salt and pepper).What do you think? I won’t bother with the egg salad this year. Alisa stays at synagogue until the very end and then walks home so don’t worry about what time you arrive-we won’t eat until sundown.

Darn. i checked it out and we can’t transport these items cross borders. I have already sworn off goose blood after a brief dalliance. My brother gave me a thoughtful and keen warning about avian flu and such products. So it’s just not worth it this year to make the trek to Dehart, what with all the travel. Enjoy the egg salad without us.

Services last night were nice adn I’m sure Kol Nidre will be as well.

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