As mysteriously as it returned, access to blogspot has vanished again, so I can no longer see the site. I was on the site yesterday morning and yesterday evening I couldn’t get on. Once again, I realized this thanks to Russ Bengsten’s hoops blog . I realized blogspot was back when I got on there and saw it was blogspot and realized it was rebanned when I tried to follow a link from slamonline to russ and timed out. I tried to get back up here and sure enough… nada.

So I’m back to where I started, able to post and edit and read your comments via email, but not able to see the site. Which is a drag, by the way. Jacob and Eli particularly liked looking at the page. I also can’t do things like check to see if links work, or photos are covering up text. Please drop me a note any time you see any such problem.

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