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You can at least get a sense of jacob’s movement and his whole class hopping around from the one pic. You also have eli and his buddies Race Cameron and Gabriel Chi (Japanese mom, Chinese dad).

We came home last Saturday night and there were presents for the kids on the table, with a note, “This presents Yoo Ying from.” And i thought, “I thought it was strange that Becky had so perfectly arranged the shoes and slippers before going out tonight.” Yoo Ying had come over with gifts for the kids and couldn;t help but straighten things a bit. She must be horrifed by what we do Saturday and Sunday without her around.

She had given the kids these guns, which light up and make crazy sounds. They were thrilled. Becky said, “All those years of no guns down the drain” and we laughed. Truth is, i was denying myself as much as anyone. Anyone who knew me when I was 8 knows how much I loved gun play. I took over E’s weapon and Jacob and I had a great battle.. lots of SWAT rolls, and hiding behind doors. A great time. Jacob was deeply into it, as I think you can see in these pictures.

I also like the one of him in the tie, which was when we returned home from the night performance. He was so proud and happy.

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