Chaoyang Park – Eli healed

We visited Chaoyang Park on Saturday to celebrate Eli’s visit with Dr. Ma, who declared him healed and said he didn’t have to come back unless we saw anything we didn’t like. Hip hip hooray! I heard yesterday about a girl at the kids’ school who broke her ankle the same way. I need to write an item for the school newsletter warning people off this.

Anyhow, easy to see why the kids had fun. we went home with three big koy fish. Jacob was doing this fishing thing and they weren’t nibbling at all, despite him practically shoving the breaded hook into their mouths. he got frustrated, put down the road, picked up a net, saying “jigga, jigga!” “this, this”) and caught a bunch of fish, much to the ladies’ delight.

I would only let them keep three— which they gave us in an open and very thing bag, like you would get at a little fruit stand. Luckily they made it home. They have been named “popped eye,” “goldie” and “tiger.” And they are still alive, almost five days later.

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