Our new art

Last year, when we came here on our look-see visit, we stayed at the Kerry Centre hotel downtown. There a blue painting we loved in the window if the art gallery there and I went in and spoke to the owner. We didn’t know if we were coming for sure, so we passed, but we had both thought about it often since and we both wished we had bought it.

I stopped by the gallery a few months ago and the painting was long gone, but I spoke to the owner and she called the artist, who still had the picture at his studio. She got it back, along with some others by him, and we came in to look.

We walked in and they had a new painting by another guy, a huge yellow Monet-ish water lily thing, on the wall. We fell in love with it. We also really liked the original guy’s work. So we ended up buying three — the yellow lilies and three by the original guy, including the blue one, which first drew us in.

They came out and hung them a few weeks ago and we still love them all. The blue one is over our bed, the yellow lilies hanging over our (ugly) couch in the living room. They all make me happy. They were very expensive for china but pretty darn cheap compared to buying original art back home.

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