The Sun Rise in the East, lover

I was thoroughly exhausted, whooped, drained yesterday after one hell of a week. I went to sleep right after the kids did and sawed away through the night.

In the morning the sun was out and the wind was blowing leaving the sky clear blue and pollution free. And the world didn’t seem quite as heavy on my shoulders.

Tom and Cathy’s horrible odyssey will stay with me forever and I am dedicated to staying in touch with him and doing whatever I can to help him in whatever way I can.

Thanks to Art, Hadar, Carrie, Wendy, Ben, Danny R and others who wrote me back about Cathy. You all shared your own thoughts beautifully and it means a lot to me to hear back from people, especially after I pour my guts out like that. I sit here and launch these things into cyberspace, unsure if they are hitting a target or just flaming away into the ether. Either way, I have to say that writing this blog has been some of the most fun and gratifying writing I have ever done, something I did not in any way anticipate. I feel like it has helped be blow the dust off of my brain.

I’m leaving for New York tomorrow afternoon and will be there for a week. Not sure if or how much I will post form there – or what the hell I am going to write my next column about, help! I’ll see some of you while there and wish I could see the rest. Dixie reports continue to be good.

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