Chinese gymnast rehearsing

I walked by a gym at the Beijng sports University last week on my way to the adidas superstar media room and there she was. Check back for a second video, which is taking forever to load.

Last week’s column

Beijing Market Adds Adventure to TV Repair May 26, 2006 There's a market right around the corner from our housing compound, less than a mile north on busy Jing Shun road and set back a bit from the street. It is widely known as the Kite…

Let It Rain

Let it rain.Well, I have made a big deal about the dryness and lack of rain here, and even said in my column a while back that I doubted there really was a rainy season at all. So I need to fess up – we had a lot of rain last week, including…

Anna ballet video

Talk about a patient teacher!

adidas camp pictures

Here you can see the giant statue of Mao, the billboard celebrating the Sports U's gold medal winners, the players walking in and Dwight Howard doing his friendly guy thing.

Pictures from last week’s Dulwich College spring Fair

The kids loved doing pottery. There is a kids art center ner here called Happyland and they have these setups at birthday parties and events all the time. Great idea.That's jacob's teacher Jacqui Cameron with Anna. She is on maternity leave…

Anna doing ballet, video

Talk about a patient teacher! This is taking forever to load today but I will try to get some more up over the weekend.

adidas camp report

The adidas camp the other day was interesting. I interviewed a bunch of people, including a 7-foot 14-year-old Chinese (supposedly – they backdate age worse than Dominican Little League teams) who shrugged and nodded to everything. I’m not…