Talking hoops

Me on watching the NBA Playoffs from here:Click here.


The top picture shows a bus stop across Jing shun Lu from the Kite Market. The next one is the guy fixing our TV. The rest are the market or adjoining stores.I’ve written before about the crazy market down the road from us. It’s such a dirty…

Eli and Millie

Eli and his friend Millie Middleton. I love these pictures.

Guizhou column and letters

A Trek Off the Beaten Path Pays Rich Dividends May 12, 2006 China has three weeklong holidays when virtually the entire country shuts down. With no school and no caregivers, they are prime times to go exploring, but because 1.3 billion…

Rodney Dangerfield Obit

My friend Alan Dezon who was over here working for Clear Channel and is now back for Ticketmaster, is a great guy to talk to. He is a music industry vet and I met him via Bert Holman, Allman Brothers' manager. Alan was the booker for the Capitol…

Most recent column

I wrote an extra column last week. They asked me to do that because they ahd a 10th anniversary celebration and made the site free for a week. Sorry I didn't that out to you all. It's because we were away. Anyhow, this tale should be familiar…


Because it's my blog, that's why.

More Guizhou pictures — this is the lunch I wrote about

The picture at the top shows the place where the little barbecue restaurant was. It is at the bottom of that road, right on the river.That's a live little fish Anna is holding in her hand.There were these kids from the village on the hillside…

More video — Miao folk dancing

This is for Aunt Joan. We felt like we were watching her living room dance. It is really amazing how similar some of the Miao embroideries look to the Panamian molas Joan loves so much.