More Guizhou pictures — this is the lunch I wrote about

The picture at the top shows the place where the little barbecue restaurant was. It is at the bottom of that road, right on the river.

That’s a live little fish Anna is holding in her hand.

There were these kids from the village on the hillside who came down and floated through the place. I gave them some melon I cut up when we first got there and then they stuck close to us. The kids were pretty feral and quite cute. Two boys had these homemade skateboards, which our kids tried out.

You can see me under the little building boozing it up.

When it was clear that we were done and our table was filled with beer bottles, about six of the local girls swooped in and grabbed all the bottles. Our guide said they would get about 30 cents per. They had emtpy water bottles ready and carefully emptied any remaining beer into them, then sealed them up… presumably to take to their parents.

The bottom pictures show the ladies in the back gutting fish and mixing up hot pepper sauce, which is delicious and widely used in Guizhou food.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Your blog was great before – now with the videos, it’s super great. Can I come live you and go on all of these terrific trips you’re taking?

    Dave W


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