New Car, World cup, visitors and more

Well, we got our new car, after an incredibly long, convoluted, confusing and quite frustrating quest. we finally got it just in time to leave for a month. It is worth it, I think. We went downtown last night and the kids were thrilled. I will…

Happy Birthday to brother Dave

Delaware Dave celebrates his birthday today. So Happy Birthday. And slightly belated best wishes to cousin Amy.

Catching up on photos

All from the last day of school.

Two More Jacob Columns

Jacob loves doing these and was very excited by the fan email he received. Susan P. he was particularly thrilled by your praise and invitation since I told him it was from the editor of Slam, which he regards as a pinnacle.He is very excited…

Videos of the kids

Anna singing her Happy father's Day song to meJacob and company in Kids summer Night Dream. Pretty hilarious stuff.

Column response

First off, let me say that this was an extremely touchy subject to write about. Becky was very uncomfortable and made me rein in some aspects. she was probably right. I have been having some really interesting back and forth with friends here…

My last column

Comforts, and Discomforts, Of Domestic Assistance June 23, 2006 A business trip recently took my wife to Taiwan for a few days. Plotting strategy for solo parenting, I found myself thinking back a few months to the last time she left. I…

Check this out

Check thisout.Page down and look on the right side. I am told that the column has been quite popular in chinese.

Jacob’s Column

Jacob wanted to write a column like mine. Here it is. he is very excited. "This is the first time I ever really wrote something on the internet."By : Jacob Paul No More School School is over now. It has…