Two More Jacob Columns

Jacob loves doing these and was very excited by the fan email he received. Susan P. he was particularly thrilled by your praise and invitation since I told him it was from the editor of Slam, which he regards as a pinnacle.He is very excited to visit the office this summer. I just wish I could reproduce these in the way he does them, with this multi-color word art format.

All he wants to do in the morning is jump on the computer and write a column. He had a very unhappy time this morning when he realized that he had lost yesterday’s masterpice, which was a primer on how to kill ants. He typed over it to make his title page for the page he now says he is writing, which is:
“Jacob Paul’s columns, written when he was a kid.”

Welcome to the downside of computers, kid. I hope the experience does not turn him off of writing these because it’s a nice habit.. much better than watching DVDs.

By : Jacob Paul Date : June-24-06
The School Summer Holidays

The School Summer Holidays started yesterday. It will end in 7 weeks. When I go to the U.S.A. with my family I will have lots of fun. And when I come back the school Summer Holidays will be over.

By : Jacob Paul Date : June-26-06
Camp Has Begun

Camp has begun . Today wwill be the 2nd dayof camp. the camp will have a field trip every Thursday. After 2 more weeks camp will be over. And then I will go to the U.S.A. with my family

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