Temple of Heaven videos

We went to the Temple of Heaven last Sunday with Laura R. Sweet spot. Many people’s favorite in Beijing. I will post some pictures next. There is a long corridor between the East Gate and the Temple and on Sundays it is filled with (mostly older) people singing trad. Chinese music, dancing, etc. Big crowds gather to watch. On the way in it was packed and the kids didn’t want to deal with walking through.

On the way back, it was significantly emptied out and we wandred through. Ufnrotunately, that also meant that most of the performers were gone, but I made these videos.

I have wondered what the raction would be if I brought my guitar down there and played some Dylan and Dead tunes.. Maybe when Dixie comes here in the fall, we will try out Bill Bailey and Tin Roof Blues.

These ladies were winding down.Earlier, there were about 15 of them.

She stopped playing this trad. flute just as I started filming. Coincidence, I think.

And, of course, the traditional ancient “dance-to-traditional-Chinese-music-while manipulating-a-badminton-racket-but-not-letting-the-birdie-fall-while-exhausted-sweaty-foreign kids-look-on” dance.

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