We’re back!

The eagle has landed. We have all arrived safe and sound back in the bosom of Beijing Riviera.

Lots of updates and photos to come. Several people have asked if my lack of updates means the blog is through, wondering if it was a first-year-only project. The answer is a definitive NO! I love writing this blog., It’s the only way I can possibly keep straight what we do and how I feel about it. Life is enough of a blur. Without this, I would barely remember anything we have done.

I was also pleasantly surprised by how secret blogstigators are out there, like Marilyn Fogel.. or people I sort of knew were looking at this but didn’t realize how avidly.. like Aunt Judy, who knew every detail of our life from the last year. I will keep feeding this beat for all of you, and for me.

Anyhow, Jacob and Eli got in yesterday afternoon.. flight was as painless as it gets.. but Eli really didn’t sleep and Jacob only slept about 4 hours.. last night he went to bed close to 9 (Eli and I were out by 7:30) and woke up.. before midnight! Unbelievable. I heard him rattling around the house and finally came out to check on him and it was only 12:15. We went downstairs and I got him a bowl of cereal and put the Yu Gi Oh movie on and went back to bed.. he came up and said he wanted tot ry to sleep.. thrashed around for a bit and got back up.. Eventually, I heard eli with him as well. I joined them by 5.

Now it’s 10:30 and feels like 3 pm.. It will be an interesting few days. But we’re all glad to be back and friends started popping in searching for the kids almost immediately. It really does feel nice to be back.

One other thing, as soon as I walked into the house I noticed that it looked nicer, less cluttered and cleaner than ever. Ding and Ho ayi seem to be a lean, mean fighting machine. I am confident this was a good move.

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