Video of me jamming at the party

I can’t believe this worked. Believe it or not, this is the first IMovie I’ve made. Wyatt Cameron shot it and I edited it, not too badly. Dave Loevinger on sax. He’s a neighbor and Embassy employee… Treasury Dept, I believe. This was the first time I heard him play. I am very glad I told him to bring his ax. Really fun.

We did a blues after this that was a bit of a train wreck. the lady drummer who was fantastic on the African and reggae stuff could not play a blues. Strange. She had no idea where to hit it. We then sat in for two reggae songs which was fun. “One Love” and something else, by Toots and the Maytals I believe. Then I went back to the party. Dave stayed up there all night.

I know the video is posted twice.. I can’t remove one.. getting it up here at all has been an adventure.

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