Okay, Here we go… there’s going to be a lot of pictures coming. this is only leg one. Shangri La to come soon.

Jacob loved the ubiquitous rice noodles… about 80 cents for a huge bowl at little old town joints.

Lijiang is an ancient city with beautiful rivers running through it.

Old city as viewed from our hotel balcony.

Becky and Jacob at the little noodle joint. jacob wanted to eat every meal here. Note the tiny stools.

We had a great lunch at Lushan’s family house,
cooked by her mother and sister. One of the dishes was big pot of chicken stew, with a big ol’ foot sticking out the top. It seemed like the right time to finally pop one in my mouth. It wasn’t bad but neither did I see why Chinese consider it a delicacy. Just more fatty chicken.

Dixie watched me and said with a laugh, “Tood bad there’s not another one.” Lily overheard and suddenly appeared, dropped one into th ebowl and said, “another one.” We all laughed. He ate.

Naxi “dong ba” or spiritual leader.

In front of Joseph Rock house with Lushan and her daughter Bei Bei.

Anna with her friend Bei Bei, daughter of our lovely guide Lushan.
Picture taken in courtyard of Bei Bei’s family home in a Naxi (think
Indian) village, about 20 km outside of Lijiang.

Village Naxi

Jacob and Bei Bei dekerneling (?) corn at former house/museum
of Joseph Rock.. you will learn more in my column.

group picture in Lushan’s family courtyard.

Eli took this one.

We stopped at a little store wfor treats and they invited us into their house when it started raining. Kids loved these dogs and this nutty little boy, doing Power rangers moves.

We trekked out to his gorgeous lake. There’s a 17,000 foot gorgeous peak obscured behind the clouds behind us. Damn.

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