New skateboard, bike

Becky’s coming home today in just a few hours and we’re all excited to see her. It’s been fine though. Kids have been good. Yesterday got a little tired for all of us after a very long day. We ended up at Decathalon, a new huge French sporting good store. They have been in Shanghai for a while and everyone who has lived there raves about the place as do all our friends who have visited there.

We were with the Camerons and made it over there after vicious slog through traffic that left me frazzled. The store is also a little overwhelming – think Costco crossed with Modells in China. But damn it was fun. Kids were grabbing skateboards and balls and rollerblades and going crazy. I was running around in full Mr. Equipment mode gr4abbing coats, ski pants, goggles, hiking shoes, gloves, hats, long underwear…

Eli really wanted a skateboard and I got it for him. He has been pretty weak on the bike front so I thought perhaps a different form of individualized wheeled transport would be appropriate. We’ll see how it goes.

Jacob got this new Trek bike about a month ago and loves it. Helmet was new yesterday.

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