Back to school

Kids started back to school today… always a reason to celebrate at the end of long breaks.

Been a fun but long five days o so since we got back. I only hinted at the jetlag in my column really.. it’s brutal.. up at midnight, up at 2, 3, 2, 4, etc. etc.

We mostly respond by going to bed at 8 or 9 ourselves, which leaves you at least okay ion the morning but also running out of steam in the afternoon. It is like having a newborn basically. We seemed to be almost back to normal, with everyone sleeping until 6 or so yesterday but Jacob got up at 4 this morning. He had passed out last night at about 7.

He and Anna were very excited to go back to school. Eli was, sort of, too, but he had great anxiety about his haircut, which looks really nice. He kept saying since he got it cut, “Will my hair still look like this when I go back to school?” He got there and refused to take his hat off. I wasn’t there so Becky had to deal with that joy. Eventually, his teacher just took it off. I would have sent him with it on and left it to her all along.

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